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+ - Aerospace Corp pays $2.5m to settle rogue software 1

Submitted by chrb
chrb (1083577) writes "A U.S. company Aerospace Corp. has paid $2.5 million to settle a case that they defrauded the Air Force by knowingly billing for the services of a rogue software developer. The rogue developer, William Grayson Hunter, was being paid for two full time jobs at two different aerospace companies, but spent most of his time in bars, amusement parks and movie theaters. On some days, he billed his employers for over 24 hours work."
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Aerospace Corp pays $2.5m to settle rogue software

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  • What is most appalling to me, is the "reason for recovering the money". It's not because it's wrongly billed, but it is because Aerospace Corp. knew it was wrongly billed and did nothing about it. This is tax payers money. Any wrongly billed money, intentional or not, should be recovered. Any company knowingly billing money wrongly, should have their contracts revoked and be put on a list of companies that no longer get to bid on government contracts. The leaders of the company that can knew what was happen

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