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+ - G4S to standardise SAP in $8.3bn acquisition->

Submitted by DMandPenfold
DMandPenfold (1108673) writes "Security firm G4S is set to standardise systems with ISS, after it announced it was buying the Danish facilities company for $8.2 billion (£5.2 billion).

The company expects to create £100 million of cost savings by 2014, from reduced central and local overheads, with the merger of some technology systems expected to play a part.

It will spend up to £80 million creating shared services centres during the period. These will “share best practice across the group, including common systems and processes”, it said, as well as delivering “global consistency for an increasingly international customer base”.

The combined company will employ over a million people. G4S is already the largest private sector employer in Europe, with over 600,000 staff, and uses a range of systems including SAP enterprise resource planning, also used by ISS; Microsoft management software; and customer relationship management.

G4S said that through the acquisition it would be able to offer a fuller range of integrated security and facilities services, including for companies that need a single account management structure and “access to the latest technology”.

It said it would draw on merger expertise that includes managers who helped integrate GSL and Securicor into the business in 2008 and 2004 respectively."

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G4S to standardise SAP in $8.3bn acquisition

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