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skegg writes: Westfield Group, one of the largest shopping centre (mall) operators in the world, has launched a find-my-car iPhone app. The system uses a series of license plate reading cameras dotted throughout their multi-level car parks. Westfield said police could also use it to find stolen or unregistered vehicles. (Hello, slippery slope.) Initially launched in just one Sydney centre, it will be rolled-out to others if the trial is successful.
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Global Mall Operator Starts Reading License Plates

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  • While it's common sense to have no reasonable expectation of privacy of license plate information; does the collection and dissemination of your license plate, location, photograph and photographs of whoever else may be with you at the time meet the same threshold of reason? I'm not sure of the relevant laws in Australia, but in US states such as California, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia, law enforcement agencies are prohibited form collecting LPR (license plate recognition) information without a war

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