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+ - Comcast Launching $9.95 Low Income Broadband Plan-> 1

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MojoKid writes "Comcast is launching "Internet Essentials," a new initiative offering discounted Internet access and home computers to families that meet low income requirements. The program was mandated as a requirement of Comcast's acquisition of NBC Universal, earlier this year. In that way, it's very similar to AT&T's Naked DSL program, which AT&T was required to offer as a condition of its merger with BellSouth. Internet Essentials will be available wherever Comcast offers broadband, which means 39 states."
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Comcast Launching $9.95 Low Income Broadband Plan

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  • I went and looked at the link and it reads like
    mom and apple pie.

    I would bet they make a fortune with on demand
    video fees and data over runs. In some communities
    the number of children on the free lunch program is

    Regulators and legislators need to pay attention...
    the opportunity to scam an extra buck from this hidden
    tax plan boggles the mind. It also has no senior
    citizen clause. Seniors may need it more as they
    often have mobility issues.

    What was I thinking... legislators are too busy buyin

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?