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+ - Student suspended for posting on YouTube-> 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A Canadian student has been suspended from school and had the police called on him due to satirical animations that he posted to YouTube.

Jack Christie, a 12th-grade student at the Donald A. Wilson Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, created the videos in his own time, off-campus."

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Student suspended for posting on YouTube

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  • Streisand Effect. If they kept quiet most people wouldn't know about it, or wouldn't say much about it since it really doesn't deserve that much attention. The way the school overreacted I expected to see dancing pedobears and snowbanks of blow. It just had a couple of lame attempts to be controversial.
  • I guess, now even students are now allowed to express their minds. Having such an extreme reaction to something I would deem as creative is not the way to go. Education teaches students to express and when harsh actions like these are taken, it doesn't go down well. Hope the authorities in the developed world too doesn't follow the footsteps of the middle-eastern countries.

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