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Submission + - New Patch For The Witcher 2 Removes DRM ( 1

cozzbp writes: "A little over a week after its release, The Witcher 2 is getting its first patch, and with it all versions of the game will now be DRM free.
Our approach to countering piracy is to incorporate superior value in the legal version," explained development director Adam Badowski. "This means it has to be superior in every respect: less troublesome to use and install, with full support, and with access to additional content and services. So, we felt keeping the DRM would mainly hurt our legitimate users. This is completely in line with what we said before the release of The Witcher 2. We felt DRM was necessary to prevent the game being pirated and leaked before release."

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New Patch For The Witcher 2 Removes DRM

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  • Also, the patch is supposed to have 5-30% performance boost (depending on which version you bought, retail/boxed/steam/GOG/etc), fix problems with downloading of the free DLC, and various other changes. Hopefully it'll fix the tutorial so that it doesn't try to kill you Forty-Seven times [] (I personally died 3 times then downloaded and read the manual, which helps considerably, at least for the next 20 minutes of fighting.)

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