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+ - Sweden to regulate opt-in for cookie transfer-> 1

Submitted by Vitdom
Vitdom (2092142) writes "The present government in Sweden has published a proposition regarding "Better rules for electronic communication". Amongst other proposed amendments, it suggests that websites must inform the user of the "purpose" regarding each individual cookie transferred to the user's browser upon connection. Secondly, it is suggested that the user must give it's consent before the transfer of the cookie in question.

The proposition is to be voted by the Swedish parliament on the 18 May this year. If accepted, the law will be in effect in June."

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Sweden to regulate opt-in for cookie transfer

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  • After validating the original source with more authentic sources, I noticed the original source was very deceptive. The cookies are can be transferred to the user, but can't be stored without consent. Cookies originating from a function explicitly requested by the user are not bound by this law.

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