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+ - Musician faces 20 years for YouTube video-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Evan Emory, a 21-year-old aspiring musician, edited together video of him singing a G-rated song to a bunch of giggling school kids, combined with video of him singing a song with sexually explicit lyrics, and posted it on YouTube. For this stupid joke, admittedly done without getting permission from the children shown "hearing" him sing naughty words, done many times by professional comedians, he is facing 20 years in prison as a sex offender. On the pretext of looking for "souvenirs" of child sexual abuse, his house has been searched by police, and the Muskegon County (Michigan) Prosecutor has insinuated (with no further evidence) that Emory actually wants to have sex with children and claims he "victimized every single child in that classroom". Emory insists he had no such intention."
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Musician faces 20 years for YouTube video

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  • It begins with the words "Criminal Trespass."

    He gains access to the school by offering a free sing-along and dance for their students.

    Then he turns around and uses an empty classroom for his sexually explicit performance and edits his recordings of the kids into the video.

    Lying to a school about why you want access to a child is serious shit. Using a child to give an X-rated tinge to your publicly distributed music video is unmistakably abuse.

    It violates the simplest, most common-sense, rules of informed co

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