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+ - Aussie banks expose millions of credit cards-> 1

Submitted by mask.of.sanity
mask.of.sanity (1228908) writes "Australia's biggest banks are posting credit card numbers in clear view on mailed customer statements in a direct violation of credit card security regulations.

Placing numbers where any mail thief could grab them is a fundamental breach of the regulations and places the financial accounts of potentially millions of Australians at risk.

The credit issuers like Mastercard, American Express and Visa have said the breach has been known for years but the banks have simply ignored it.

It comes as the Australian Government plans to tighten the screws on security arrangements for credit cards."

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Aussie banks expose millions of credit cards

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    This isn't a new problem. For years, banks have been sending me forms with my name, account number, date of birth and current credit limit to my *home* address.

    It's really bad to go to the mail box, pick up a letter on the ground (long story, broken mail box due to a combination of explosives and bored teenagers) and open it to see enough information to impersonate yourself.

    Which Bank? you'd be asking yourself does this? Well. I can't say.

    What is much more annoying is that the following occurs (this interlu

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