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Data Storage

+ - MP3Tunes to face safe harbor challenge->

Submitted by markjhood2003
markjhood2003 (779923) writes "The MP3Tunes cloud-based music storage and search engine service is facing a lawsuit from EMI. Opposition briefs are due on Wednesday and oral arguments will start in January. From the article:

"Among the key issues is the â½ÂÅ"safe harborâ½Â provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which protects Internet service providers like Google, Yahoo and Facebook from copyright liability if they promptly remove infringing content upon notification. Last Tuesday several influential digital rights groups filed a brief supporting the defendant in the case, MP3Tunes, urging the court to uphold the â½ÂÅ"safe harborâ½Â provision, lest online innovation be stifled.

For MP3Tunes CEO and founder Michael Robertson this case is personal. He is named as a defendant and if he loses, he could be personally be held liable for massive monetary damage.""

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MP3Tunes to face safe harbor challenge

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