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+ - Electronic Voting Systems Under FIre ->

Submitted by RedEaredSlider
RedEaredSlider (1855926) writes "As the 2010 midterm elections draw nearer, electronic voting systems have once again come under fire.

In Texas, the state's Supreme Court has been called in to rule whether paper ballots are necessary to guarantee voter accuracy. An advocacy group filed a suit which said electronic voting systems are in violation of the state law since they don't produce a paper trail of any kind. In New Jersey, a judge recently ordered more than 10,000 electronic voting machines to be re-evaluated. ...
"I usually get a flood of calls about them every two years," said Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, President and Chief Technology Officer of Notable Software, a computer forensics firm. Mercuri, who is vehemently opposed to electronic voting, is a noted expert on electronic voting machines, having studied them since the late 1980s"

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Electronic Voting Systems Under FIre

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