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+ - Study that 99.7% of torrents are "illegal" flawed-> 1

Submitted by Caledfwlch
Caledfwlch (1434813) writes "techdirt, and others, point to an analysis by TorrentFreak of the recent report by Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) of Australia that only 0.3% of torrents contain legal content. One of the data points was that the movie The Incredible Hulk was the number one seeded torrent "the fact that the release is nearly two years old should have sounded some alarm bells. It appears that the researchers have pulled data from a bogus tracker, and it wouldn’t be a big surprise if all the torrents in their top 10 are actually fake.". The study had been widely picked up a couple of days ago by the media, here, at ArsTechnica, and others."
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Study that 99.7% of torrents are "illegal" flawed

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  • As soon as there is a study like this, it's almost certain that it's flawed. However, the flaws do seem to be egregious.

    The best part was the smarmy response by the original author, not realizing who he was talking to.

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