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+ - Large Irish ISP to enact three strikes rule ->

Submitted by Squeeonline
Squeeonline (1323439) writes "One of the biggest broadband providers in Ireland will make the country the first in the world (according to broadsheet newspaper, the Irish Times) to introduce the "three strikes" rule.

"EIRCOM WILL from today begin a process that will lead to cutting off the broadband service of customers found to be repeatedly sharing music online illegally.

Ireland is the first country in the world where a system of graduated response is being put in place. Under the pilot scheme, Eircom customers who illegally share copyrighted music will get three warnings before having their broadband service cut off for a year." ... The mechanism by which it operates was challenged in the courts by the Data Protection Commissioner.

Apparently, IP addresses do not constitute "personal information". Personally, I use filesharing all the time, but I use it to download large open source linux ISOs. How will Eircom legally differentiate between that content, and the content that some ragamuffin may be downloading illegally without infringing privacy laws?


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Large Irish ISP to enact three strikes rule

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