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Submission + - Google's privacy snafu prompts lawsuit 2

shmG writes: Google's secret data collection has prompted a class-action lawsuit that could force the company to pay up to $10,000 for each time it recorded data from unprotected hotspots, court documents show. The incident, which the company claims to have been unintentional, has prompted the ire of governments and privacy groups around the world.

Google collected information that could be used to identify users, including "the user's unique or chosen Wi-Fi network name , the unique number given to the user's hardware...[and] data consisting of all or part of any documents, e-mails, video, audio, and VoIP information being sent over the network by the user," the suit stated.
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Google's privacy snafu prompts lawsuit

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  • if I had known this, I would have created an uprotected SSID. Mine is protected! No $10,000 for me :-(
  • Why did Google even have Wifi interception equipment on their vehicle? I see no legitimate reason for this capability for a vehicle designed to take photos for street view. Oops-- we accidentally gathered information using equipment that is designed to gather this information?

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