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+ - Companies using new technology to track cars.-> 3

Submitted by kamapuaa
kamapuaa (555446) writes "MVTRAC, is one of several new companies in the process of automatically tracking car license plates to make private databases. They're for use in helping banks re-possess them, or helping police find stolen cars, or really whatever the companies feel like, as the new-found industry lacks government oversight. The New York Times has an article about how it's changing the car repo industry"
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Companies using new technology to track cars.

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  • All data has a black market. This one will. Jealous husbands wanting to know where their wives went, detective agencies, companies wanting to know who goes drinking on weekends, etc.
  • In Norway it is possible to send a text message with the license plate number to a governmental bureau and you will receive the name of the owner, type of car, what county the owner lives in, when the car last got a mandatory check and if the owner is behind with the payments to the same bureau.
    Visit the website of a second bureau and you can check if there's a bank loan tied to the car.

    These are great services and all considered public information. It stops you from being scammed and it's great for contact

    • by Kanel (1105463)

      I just saw that the norwegian police is now also using automatic reading of license plates to check against a database of car owners that have not payed their dues or cars that are not cleared for driving. (typically because they've missed their mandatory checkup)

      article in norway: []

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