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+ - The Sad History and (maybe) Bright Future of TiVo-> 2

Submitted by gjt
gjt (93855) writes "For the couch potato geek, one name typically comes to mind: TiVo — the company that invented the DVR, and with it, timeshifting. TiVo's been around for more than 10 years now. And TiVo fans (like myself) tend to love TiVO. Yet, despite being loved and around longer than the Apple iPod, it comes no where close to the iPod/iPhone's success. Apple sells more iPod and iPhone products in a single quarter than TiVo has sole in the entire lifetime of the company. At it's peak, TiVo had only 4.4 million active users — that was over three years ago. Now TiVo only has about 2.7 million active users. So I wanted to find out why TiVo hasn't been more successful. What are the issues that prevent them from being more popular — especially with a seeming lack of competition on store shelves? So I did some research and posted my finding about TiVo's past, present, and future up on my blog.

The key takeaways seem to show that TiVo is a victim of cable industry collusion, loopholes in FCC regulations, and, of course, plenty of their own mistakes."

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The Sad History and (maybe) Bright Future of TiVo

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