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+ - Bill Gates Backs Terrapower-> 1

Submitted by krou
krou (1027572) writes "Talking at TED, Bill Gates backed a company (and type of energy) called Terrapower, which is essentially about getting energy from a nuclear reactor burning uranium-238 (depleted uranium), instead of the usual uranium-235, which constitutes approximately 99% of natural uranium. The whole speech sounded a bit like a sales pitch, but still interesting. Terrapower was set up by Intellectual Ventures, a think-tank created by ex-Microsoft chief scientist Nathan Myhrvold. According to BoingBoing, Bill Gates made the point that "the waste at [the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Kentucky] could supply the US energy needs for 200 years (woah!), and filtering seawater for uranium could supply energy for much longer than that". Gates claimed that they're going to need several billion in investment to get the pilot plant off the ground. He also pointed out that nuclear energy advancements such as this are the best answer to combating climate change."
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Bill Gates Backs Terrapower

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  • Hopefully he will do what he is famous for, which is rolling out half-assed technological advancements that benefit the average person decades before they are blessed by America's nanny-state and cultural elites, making a tidy profit without regard to ridiculous laws or vested interests.

    More competent people can mop up after he gets the ball rolling. But it will be cheaper than more oil wars and coal pollution and climate change and quicker than anything renewable.

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.