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+ - Trend Micro Asks ISPs to Block Email SPAM Port 25-> 1

Submitted by Mark.JUK
Mark.JUK (1222360) writes "The CTO of Internet security giant Trend Micro, Dave Rand, has called for UK and EU governments to adopt tougher legislation against SPAM (junk email). Rand also urged Internet Service Providers (ISP) to help combat the problem by blocking email on port 25 and informing users when their computers begin unwittingly distributing masses of junk messages (zombie systems). However his comments have not gone down well with Internet providers who complain that blocking port 25 could cause a lot of problems and wouldn't necessarily solve the problem, with authors of malicious software adapting to use other ports or methods. Rand believes that ISPs are over playing the impact that such a block would have on their services. He pointed out that some countries, such as Turkey, were able to impose similar restrictions and saw a large reduction in the problem with only minimal gripes (e.g. Compromised PC's in Turkey dropped from 1.7m per month to 35,000)."
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Trend Micro Asks ISPs to Block Email SPAM Port 25

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  • Just one more oppressive move by Trend-Micro and other censorship-thinking companies. If this is -really- a "good solution", then why not use the RFC program to invite discussion and work towards a community acceptance?
    Just build a private frakking network, where you guys can censor all you want, and charge customers all you want.
    Look how many people lined up to pay $3 or even more per hour back in 1995 to access the interwebs using dialup.
    There's probably a few rubes left who would gladly pay to "protect

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