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+ - NY Times, LA Times Call for Amazon Tax Collection 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Recalling that CEO Jeff Bezos originally explored placing on an Indian Reservation near San Francisco to "have access to talent without all the tax consequences," the NY Times argues it's time to put an end to the e-tailer's 'entity isolation' tax-avoidance games. The LA Times chimes in, saying Amazon's claims that collecting sales tax constitute an undue burden are 'worth a horselaugh', noting that Amazon boasts it has no problem keeping track of millions of unique products."
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NY Times, LA Times Call for Amazon Tax Collection

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  • Let's face it. There was never any difference between Amazon and mail order catalogs. It was just bigger and used that new fangled Internet. It was always a weak argument that these catalog houses needed a special tax break. Amazon was founded in 1994, at the very beginning of the dot-com boom. This was a time, when everyone and everything was going to be online, and Amazon quickly distinguished itself from people like,, and by actually turning a profit right when the bubble

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