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+ - Hackers fail to hack Brazilian Voting Machines 2

Submitted by blueser
blueser (190104) writes "From Nov 10th to Nov 13th the Brazilian Government hosted a public hacking contest to test the robustness of its voting machines. 38 participants from private and public IT companies (including the Brazilian Federal Police) were divided into 9 teams which tried several different approaches to try to tamper the software installed on the machines, and even physically interfere on other stages of the process. All attempts (aside from a minor one which would not compromise the overall results) failed, and observations from the participants and neutral observers will be taken into account to improve even further the process. The official announcement for the contest can be read (in Portuguese) here, and a summary of the results (also in Portuguese) can be read on Brazilian newspapers. Brazilian voting machines use Linux"
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Hackers fail to hack Brazilian Voting Machines

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