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+ - Study Says Govt. Should Invest in Rural Broadband-> 2

Submitted by jcenters
jcenters (570494) writes "A study released Friday by the Knight Commission states that the federal government should invest in broadband access for rural communities. The 7-member commission, which features Google's Marissa Mayer, cites a gap in school attendance and test results in students who have broadband access at home, and those that do not. MIT's Henry Jenkins says that the lack of broadband access creates a "participation gap," that leaves the poor at an even greater disadvantage.

Should the federal government invest more in the spread of broadband? Should it stop waiting for the private sector and implement its own "last mile" solution?"

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Study Says Govt. Should Invest in Rural Broadband

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  • So this has nothing to do with broadband being expensive, and families in economic classes that can afford expensive things having kids that do better in school?
  • Ok, for those of you who don't religiously read and reread XKCD, correlation, not the same as causation; it doesn't seem to be a coincidence that agricultural-types seem to live in rural areas and have a different value system with regard to education, and a different set of priorities... notwithstanding, a different socio-economic position; these things couldn't possibly be responsible for the difference ...

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