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The Internet Your Rights Online

FTC Petitioned on Data Profiling 76

Posted by michael
from the not-as-anonymous-as-you-think dept.
Mephistopholies sent /. a link to an AP article about this Washington hearing, but I prefer the more complete NY Times story about it. The Federal Trade Commission is being asked to examine web profiling and tracking technology as used by the likes of Doubleclick to track users across multiple sites. The article also notes that it is likely some sort of bill to facilitate taking away individuals' domain names (you may have heard this spun as an "anti-cybersquatting" bill) will pass this year.

A side note: slashdot readers who like YRO stories should realize that we will posting an increasing number of them in the YRO section only - they won't ever appear on the main page of, but will be accessible via the Sections link on the left side of the page, and there's a YRO slashbox now, too, so you can see the headlines for YRO on the home page if you so desire (and are minimally competent at setting your user preferences).

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FTC Petitioned on Data Profiling

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