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Australian Government To Standardise On Drupal 102

Posted by timothy
from the rhymes-with-pupal dept.
angry tapir (1463043) writes "The Australian government is eyeing the introduction of a government-wide content-management system, with the preferred choice almost certain to be Drupal. Government documents indicate that part of the appeal is that Drupal modules can be easily shared between government agencies and with the public."
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Australian Government To Standardise On Drupal

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  • by JabrTheHut (640719) on Saturday May 10, 2014 @10:29PM (#46970137)

    Coding a custom CMS is a start. Programming web-based systems isn't that hard. I do it for a living, but I use Wordpress or Joomla when the customer wants it.

    I'm a consultant, and you're not thinking this through. You shouldn't start writing a new CMS from scratch whenever you start a new project. When I start a new project, say for a moderately complex web site, I go back to the beginning and design a new CPU. The new system that the CPU will fit into has to be designed, built and tested, and then a new OS written and debugged. Next a new communications protocol has to be designed, written and tested. Finally, a new set of applications written for the new OS, and then, finally, a web site.

    This approach is the only reasonable way to turn a three month contract into a 15-year failed project. You've grasped the basic consulting creed of re-inventing the wheel at every opportunity, but you're not going far enough.

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