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The NSA and Snowden: Securing the All-Seeing Eye 97

Posted by timothy
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First time accepted submitter ChelleChelle2 (2908449) writes "Edward Snowden's release of classified material exposing the existence of numerous global surveillance programs (obtained while working as an NSA contractor at Booz Allen Hamilton) has been referred to as 'the most damaging breach of secrets in U.S. history.' Regardless of whether one choses to champion or condemn Snowden's actions, it is apparent that the NSA needs to dramatically rework its security measures. In this article Bob Toxen, renown author of several books and articles on Linux Security, discusses the security practices that could have stopped Snowden. Equally interesting, he weighs in on the constitutionality and morality of the NSA's spying on all Americans."
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The NSA and Snowden: Securing the All-Seeing Eye

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  • Shay's Rebellion (Score:0, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 10, 2014 @07:57AM (#46965793)

    Sure it was during the ORIGINAL Confederacy, but it WAS post-Revolution. What did it teach us? The people in charge will shit all over the veterans even if they just busted their ass to set you free. Combine that with the Whiskey Rebellion and this country was sunk before it even got started.

    But it's not like they bother to teach those little tidbits to gradeschool classes, where the less conditioned children might ask 'How is that any different than what the revolution set out to resolve?' or perhaps 'This sounds just like that children's book about the farm of animals!' :)

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