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Your Rights Online

Imminent Server Seizure Tests Brazil's New Internet Bill of Rights 52

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the exercising-freedom-of-speech-is-dangerous dept.
sunbird (96442) writes "Less than one week after passing the Marco Civil da Internet, Article 3 of which purports to protect free expression and privacy of personal data from government intrusion, a Public Prosecutor in Brazil is seeking to seize a server hosting research groups, social movements, discussion lists and other tools. The server is hosted by the Saravá Group, which has adopted a policy of not storing connection logs to protect the privacy of users. The Public Prosecutor is seeking to identify individuals involved in Rádio Mudo, a project hosted by Saravá, but as Saravá does not store logs, there is no information on the server that is responsive to the investigation. This action comes as Brazil seeks to place itself in the forefront of protecting internet privacy after it hosted the Net Mundial conference. Saravá has called for a protest action today at 1PM local time (9AM PT/12noonET) to protest against the seizure."
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Imminent Server Seizure Tests Brazil's New Internet Bill of Rights

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  • by zedaroca (3630525) on Monday April 28, 2014 @08:36PM (#46864507)
    There's an agency that regulates communications in Brazil and to have a working radio you need a permit (long history of oligopoly here, they don't give the permit). Radio Muda doesn't have the permit, that's the problem. The seizure is also happening on any other non registered radios in the city.

    Also, the prosecutor is claiming security issues with interference on airplanes. They are a radio inside Brazil's #2 university with top engineers saying there's no way they are causing any safety problems, so that's a blatant lie from the prosecutor.

    Eight other radio stations were seized in February. As much as it's a terrible thing and it just shows how the State is used against the people, this is really not related to Marco Civil or the fact that they are not logging anything.

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