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Upload a Spoof Video, Go To Jail (In Dubai) 107

Posted by timothy
from the little-touchy dept.
Taco Cowboy writes with news, as reported by the BBC, that eight people have been imprisoned in Dubai for creating a spoof video about youth culture in that country, for which they were accused of acting "with the intent of inciting to actions, or publishing or disseminating any information, news, caricatures, or other images liable to endanger state security and its higher interests or infringe on the public order." "The video, posted to YouTube, was a gentle satire on young men in the Satwa residential suburb of Dubai who adopt a 'gangsta' pose despite living the sedate, prosperous lifestyle more usually associated with Dubai residents."
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Upload a Spoof Video, Go To Jail (In Dubai)

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  • by WaffleMonster (969671) on Tuesday December 24, 2013 @02:01PM (#45776705)

    Take care of your own house first before you complain about the actions of your neighbors.

    Why does each task need to be executed sequentially rather than concurrently? Is there a hidden dependency forbidding concurrent execution?

    The USA has plenty to feel guilty about. Stories like this tend to emphasize injustices elsewhere in the world, and IGNORE that these same injustices may be happening at home, but are under-reported.

    Smells like "Buuut Mommmmy ... Jonny did it toooo"

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 24, 2013 @04:45PM (#45777933)

    such indecency!

    I hear the males over there are so utterly without any form of willpower that so much as seeing any display of affection, or even the slightest hint of female flesh, that they are completely unable to hold themselves back from from raping the female to within an inch of her life. Once that inch is reached, their society murders her for the crime of being raped. Its all her fault remember.

    This is why females have to hide under a burka, so as not to provide even the slightest hint of femininity, as so much as seeing a thigh or a abdomen is enough to turn the males into feral dogs utterly unable to hold themselves back from the desire to rape a woman.

    Fucking barbarians.

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