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IOS Piracy

The iOS 7 Jailbreak Fiasco 210

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the perils-of-proprietary-devices dept.
Bismillah writes "Evad3rs' new iOS 7 jailbreak featured a Chinese app store that sold pirated software, and which was pulled from Evasi0n7 soon after launch. Latest rumors say that the exploit used for Evasi0n7 was stolen by a certain person, offered up for sale, so the Evad3rs did a deal with TaiG instead. Jay 'Saurik' Freeman of Cydia meanwhile isn't happy about the whole thing, saying he was given no time to test Evasi0n7."
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The iOS 7 Jailbreak Fiasco

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  • Jailbreak vs Rooting (Score:2, Interesting)

    by tuppe666 (904118) on Tuesday December 24, 2013 @08:10AM (#45774437)

    In android parlance, it is called "rooting."

    Apple treats you as a criminal...and apparently the users act like them, it is done through breaking the weak security of the iOS operating system, often to return basic features.

    Google gives you (the option) of control, and supplies ample warning before the user chooses to this, it is an option on some phones...even a selling point, mainly used to load none play applications (Android is Eden...with gates).

    Basically nothing like each other.

  • Re:Jailbreakingg (Score:5, Interesting)

    by noh8rz10 (2716597) on Tuesday December 24, 2013 @08:51AM (#45774565)

    You're a taker, not a giver.

    +1. some people create things, so they have empathy with other people who create things. others are just takers and add no value to society, so they cannot comprehend how their actions hut those that create. like arguing with a rock. good news is, they rooted their own phones and gave them to chinese hackers, in exchange for free angry birds (yes, I bet they download cracked versions of free apps too lol).

  • by tuppe666 (904118) on Tuesday December 24, 2013 @09:36AM (#45774743)

    Apple treats you as a criminal? I'm sorry but you are simply trolling. [] FRom the article because I am lazy.

    "Apple has responded to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)'s request to the US Copyright Office to declare hacking a smartphone legal; not surprisingly, Apple believes jailbreaking is copyright violation and, therefore, illegal."

    Someone needs there mod points removed :)

  • Re:Jailbreakingg (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Rick Zeman (15628) on Tuesday December 24, 2013 @10:06AM (#45774921)

    Wifi Analyzer and SwiftKey are two apps that are so useful to me that I will never even consider an Apple phone.

    Wow. After switching from Android to iOS those are the ONLY two apps I miss...not enough to regret switching, though.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 24, 2013 @01:44PM (#45776595)

    I would be up in arms if the same thing happened on my Android phone!

    I guess you've never tried to 'rent' or 'buy' a movie on Google Play on a rooted device before (even one of the free ones, like Elf that is currently available). If you had, you'd know that Play Videos just pops up a message that says movies are not supported on a rooted device. The message also contains a link to request a refund for your movie, which they processed (the one time I tried it) in about 24 hours.

    Android is certainly no better when it comes to having apps 'trust' the DRM stores of the phone. It's crap either way, but 'both sides' do it.

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