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Judge Denies Administration Request To Delay ACLU Metadata Lawsuit 107

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the let-the-battle-begin dept.
sl4shd0rk writes "Federal Judge William Pauley has dismissed an Obama Administration request to delay a hearing on Verizon/NSA data sifting. The ACLU has argued that the sifting is not authorized by statute and even if it were it would still be unconstitutional. The Obama Administration requested the delay on the grounds it needed more time to search through its classified material to determine what was suitable for disclosure." See also the case docket. Motions must be filed by August 26th, and oral arguments begin on November 1st.
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Judge Denies Administration Request To Delay ACLU Metadata Lawsuit

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  • by ackthpt (218170) on Friday July 26, 2013 @02:55PM (#44393479) Homepage Journal

    In hot water for all that monitoring of my veeblefetzers, potrzebies and axolotls.

    It's a great day for antidisestablishmentarianism and neoanarchalsocialrepublicanists.

  • by ackthpt (218170) on Friday July 26, 2013 @02:58PM (#44393517) Homepage Journal

    Now if we could just get the wheels of justice to turn quicker on this one. Every day this is delayed is potentially one more day before this nonsense is put to an end.

    Though realistically, the NSA will keep doing it and just try harder to hide it. It's quite clear they operate outside of any actual level of control.

    They're probably already surfing the US Constitution, Bill 'o Rights and Magna Cum Arta for a loop de loop they can fly the next monitoring thing through. And both parties may wring their hands and wibble in public, but behind the closed doors they're all in bed together, watching us on their big screen TV and avin' a larf.

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