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Censorship China The Internet Your Rights Online

Browsing the Broken Web: a Software Developer Behind the Great Firewall of China 58

Posted by Soulskill
from the internet-obstacle-course dept.
troyhunt writes "While we've long known that China takes a fairly aggressive stance on internet censorship, I thought a visit to Shanghai this week would pose a good opportunity to look at just how impactful this was to software developers behind the Great Firewall of China. It turns out that the access control policies make life very difficult at all sorts of levels when accessing simple technology resources we use every day from other countries. But I also found an amazing level of inconsistency with sites and services intended to be off limits being accessible via other means. It's an interesting insight into how our developer peers can and can't work in the country with the world's largest internet population."
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Browsing the Broken Web: a Software Developer Behind the Great Firewall of China

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