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Megaupload Co-Founder Allowed Bail 132

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the no-one-escapes-new-zealand dept.
New submitter masterfpt writes "TorrentFreak is running the following article: 'The co-founder of Megaupload has been freed on bail by a judge in New Zealand. Mathias Ortmann will be the subject of strict conditions including no Internet access. The U.S. will now rely on a United Nations treaty to extradite the Mega team. Separately, it was revealed that the FBI remotely monitored last month's raids and congratulated New Zealand police on their work.'"
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Megaupload Co-Founder Allowed Bail

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  • Re:Internet Ban (Score:5, Interesting)

    by PopeRatzo (965947) on Wednesday February 15, 2012 @10:34AM (#39044913) Homepage Journal

    I'd understand if it was a car or gun, where he could do something stupid with it, but the internet?

    You don't think people can do "something stupid" with the Internet?

    But I agree that this whole thing is bullshit. Why is this guy even in custody? The CEO of MF Global stole billions from lots of people, including seniors and retirees, but I'll bet he's having a nice brunch at some Manhattan eatery about now, or playing squash at some exclusive "athletic club". The bankers at Bank of America admitted to widespread fraud (which is a crime. not a "white collar" crime, but a crime crime. if I sell an old couple a used car and give them a forged title, I will go to jail. Bank of America did that to the tune of a quarter trillion dollars in mortgages, but they get off by paying $5mil in "value" which is like me paying my credit card with a ball of string, which I happen to value at $758.12 (the current balance on my credit card, since I went a little overboard last month, with Valentine's Day and buying a new video card and stuff.).

    Justice is for the rich. The rest of us get stepped on.

    Who did the founder of Megaupload hurt? Show me the damage.

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