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Feds Seize Korean Movie Download Portals 215

Posted by timothy
from the aju-massi-sumnidad dept.
SharkLaser writes "Homeland Security's ICE unit has just started another phase of Operation In Our Sites. Last week the seized sites were selling counterfeit goods, but this time the list consists solely of movie download sites. ICE has now seized the domains of 11 Korean movie download portals. This is first time Operation In Our Sites has been expanded to include sites targeting non-U.S. nationals and non-English sites. ICE has since added a message in Korean to the seized sites. Interestingly, while the sites were in Korean, the domain names are all connected to a Seattle-based company World Multimedia Group, Inc."
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Feds Seize Korean Movie Download Portals

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  • by ThePeices (635180) on Sunday December 04, 2011 @08:57PM (#38261596)

    And why should they pay tax? tax money can be used to help other people! How dare they!

    Helping people other than me, and without my consent, sounds too much like socialism. Dirty, dirty socialism.

    And every God fearing American knows that socialism is a sin, and therefore is the work of the DEVIL!!

    And prey tell, who exactly should good American Citizens put their trust in? GOD, that's who, ( the Christian one ), just as it says in the constitution, the courts, and more importantly, on American currency.

    So companies are doing America a favour by not committing the sin of paying taxes. Amen!

    ( If you have read this far, and still cannot see the sarcasm dripping from the gaps between these sentences, then this is not the right website for you )

  • by korean.ian (1264578) on Monday December 05, 2011 @01:12AM (#38262842)

    Aren't you lot supposed to be against cruel and unusual punishment?

"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite." -- Bertrand Russell, _Sceptical_Essays_, 1928