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Australia Piracy Privacy Your Rights Online

Australian Government Redacts Anti-Piracy Consultation Paper 56

Posted by samzenpus
from the on-second-thought dept.
First time accepted submitter coolstoryhansel writes "You might have heard the Australian Attorney-General published a consultation paper considering the implementation of a streamlined process of getting private information about subscribers from ISPs? Well perhaps not. The Attorney-General's Department have now apparently redacted that document, removing all mention of the controversial proposal, without telling anyone."
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Australian Government Redacts Anti-Piracy Consultation Paper

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 16, 2011 @06:48PM (#37733752)

    Actually it's already coming to Canada. Lots of nice Conservative omnibus bills with presents like this hidden around. Australia is just waiting for Canada to force it through first. Then they can argue that they're merely harmonizing with Canada.

    The Conservatives have a bill that will change PIPEDA, Canada's privacy legislation. It will "streamline the process of getting private information about subscribers from ISPs". And there are very few checks, balances, controls in the bill. Law enforcement can call the ISP up without a warrant, and without needing to show that the request is part of a criminal investigation. Private corporations can call up the ISP for info if they're only considering maybe filing a civil suit against some third party. Law enforcement or other government agency requests can even be made secret, also without a warrant, so the subscriber never knows their information was pulled.

    These assholes aren't your daddy's conservative party.

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