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Dutch Usenet Provider Ordered To Remove Infringing Content 109

Posted by Soulskill
from the trouble-in-the-usenets dept.
dutchwhizzman writes "Amsterdam-based Usenet wholesale provider News Service Europe has been mandated by a court to remove all copyright-infringing content on their servers, or face severe financial penalties. Dutch copyright organization BREIN has won a court case making the Usenet provider responsible for the content posted on platforms other than their own. Could this be the end of Usenet as we know it, or will an appeal be won by NSE? Why didn't the judge make the provider that allowed the posts responsible? Why didn't the judge honor the 'cancel message' procedure that technically exists in the NNTP protocol?"
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Dutch Usenet Provider Ordered To Remove Infringing Content

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 30, 2011 @04:10PM (#37572132)

    Register on and it still can be. They dropped all .binaries forums and only host the primarily text based discussions, which allow them to mirror the majority of important usenet stuff for only a fraction of the bandwidth. Even better they have options to allow mirorring of their copies.

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