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Judge Dismisses Google's Complaint Over Android Code Viewing 87

CWmike writes "A U.S. trade judge has rejected Google's move to block the testimony of a Microsoft expert witness in the dispute with Motorola over patents allegedly used by Android. Last week, Google accused Microsoft of violating a confidentiality agreement struck between Microsoft, Motorola and Google in the ITC case. The judge rejected Google's motion on Monday. 'The ALJ [Administrative Law Judge] finds no basis to discern from Google's statement whether Google made a reasonable, good-faith effort to resolve the matter with Microsoft,' he wrote in his ruling."
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Judge Dismisses Google's Complaint Over Android Code Viewing

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  • Re:No standing? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by bonch (38532) * on Thursday August 18, 2011 @12:52AM (#37126486)

    Have you not been following Android news in the last few months? Google withholds Android source from non-privileged partners, and they use compatibility clauses to control how vendors use Android. There have even been accusations from vendors that they throw out artificial obstacles for phones that use competing services like Bing. A Google email said they "use compatibility as a club to make [vendors] do what we want."

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