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Australia Censorship The Internet

Telstra Fears LulzSec Attacks, Hesitates On Internet Filter 188

Posted by timothy
from the well-wouldn't-you dept.
After the earlier report that some of Australia's largest telcos (and ISPs) were to start censoring internet traffic based on a blacklist, rdnetto writes with the news that "Telstra is now hesitating to deploy the internet filter it had previously promised to implement, fearing reprisals from online vigilantes." The linked article specifically names LulzSec as the source of such reprisals.
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Telstra Fears LulzSec Attacks, Hesitates On Internet Filter

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  • by kawabago (551139) on Saturday June 25, 2011 @02:44AM (#36565340)
    Our local resource center for our less affluent residents provides free internet access. It is supposed to have a filter for porn, only porn. Someone asked me to help them find information on medical marijuana and it was blocked by the filter. It wasn't porn but it was blocked. I asked the manager what else is being blocked? They didn't know. They didn't know how to change it either. I just hope no one dies because of that filter. Filter's always filter out more than they are supposed to, including legitimate political dissent. How free is your country if the government can control what you see, hear and read?

"Freedom is still the most radical idea of all." -- Nathaniel Branden