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China Blocks 'Egypt' On Twitter-Like Site 140

Suki I writes with this excerpt from "China has blocked the word 'Egypt' from the country's wildly popular Twitter-like service, while coverage of the political turmoil has been tightly restricted in state media. China's ruling Communist Party is sensitive to any potential source of social unrest. A search for 'Egypt'' on the Sina microblogging service brings up a message saying, 'According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, the search results are not shown.' The service has more than 50 million users. News on the Egypt protests has been limited to a few paragraphs and photos buried inside major news websites, but China Central Television had a report on its midday broadcast. China's Foreign Ministry did not respond to a request for comment on the events in Egypt."
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China Blocks 'Egypt' On Twitter-Like Site

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  • So does Cuba (Score:2, Informative)

    by mangu (126918) on Saturday January 29, 2011 @04:18PM (#35044590)

    Egypt isn't mentioned at all in the official Cuban website []

  • Not Quite True (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday January 29, 2011 @08:34PM (#35045958)

    I am living/working in China and the Egypt situation has been the lead story on CCTV English news for the last 2 days... complete with clips of the Egyptian protests and the mandatory "Talking Head" analysts (both Chinese and foreign). It's getting 6~10 minutes worth of air-time at the top of each hour... Even the CCTV web site at has many clips available. The Chinese channel newscasts tend to be leading with stories of arduous treks back home for Spring Festival [EG: Riding 600Km on a motorcycle, in winter)... but there are still items, with footage of the riots, running on those news shows.

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