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Obama Wants Allies To Go After WikiLeaks 1088

krou writes "Coming on the back of human rights groups criticizing WikiLeaks, American officials are saying that the Obama administration is pressuring allies such as Australia, Britain, and Germany to open criminal investigations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and to try limit his ability to travel. 'It's not just our troops that are put in jeopardy by this leaking. It's UK troops, it's German troops, it's Australian troops — all of the NATO troops and foreign forces working together in Afghanistan,' said one American diplomatic official, who added that other governments should 'review whether the actions of WikiLeaks could constitute crimes under their own national-security laws.'"
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Obama Wants Allies To Go After WikiLeaks

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  • You know you've made the big time when the Big O goes after ya through diplomatic channels. :p

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 11, 2010 @11:20AM (#33216506)
    What? There's no mention of Oprah.
  • by jameskojiro (705701) on Wednesday August 11, 2010 @11:29AM (#33216650) Journal

    Why don't we outsource our War on Terror to India or China, we could pay them 1/4 for what we currently pay and they would be happy for the money. Save money and if we outsource to the Chinese we won't have to worry about the enemy not understanding we are serious.

  • by Flea of Pain (1577213) on Wednesday August 11, 2010 @11:38AM (#33216810)

    Ya, when orgasms start giving speeches to foreign powers you know you've done it right!

  • Re:How does (Score:4, Funny)

    by Sir_Lewk (967686) <sirlewk&gmail,com> on Wednesday August 11, 2010 @12:21PM (#33217534)

    If you then proceed to open that bag of shit, and smear it all over yourself and embrace the fecal stench? Yes, I think I can blame you for stinking. Did you even read the post you just responded to?

  • Re:How does (Score:5, Funny)

    by salesgeek (263995) on Wednesday August 11, 2010 @01:16PM (#33218444) Homepage

    Obama asked for the sack of shit. I believe he campaigned on his ability to handle sacks of shit better than the other guy.

  • by Nerdfest (867930) on Wednesday August 11, 2010 @02:51PM (#33219746)
    Sorry to interrupt, but we're suffering up here in Canada as well, eh. It's OK though, please don't come rescue us.
  • Re:How does (Score:3, Funny)

    by Moryath (553296) on Wednesday August 11, 2010 @03:19PM (#33220184)

    This is why letting one party control both Congress and the White House is a bad idea.


    Jimmy Carter + Democrat Congress = OMGWTFBBQ, Worst President Ever (by most objective measures).
    Reagan + Democrat Congress = fairly sane, though occasionally crap from too far on one side or the other got through.
    George H Bush + Democrat Congress = pretty much a continuance of Reagan.
    Clinton + Democrat Congress = 2 years of OMG NO.
    Clinton + Republican Congress = 6 years of relative fiscal sanity, admittedly with the problem of several economic bubbles growing that only popped later.
    Bush + Republican Congress = call it what you will. If you want to blame current situation for Bush's problems, you have to be willing to blame the first 4 years (at least) of Bush's economic trouble on the popping of bubbles that built up on Clinton's watch.

    Bush + Democrat Congress = fuck, policy-wise he was almost a Democrat anyways. Why they didn't try for "health reform" under him I'll never understand, he was a lame duck who basically didn't give a shit about domestic policy and couldn't be bothered to veto even the most worthless shit that crossed his desk.

    Obama + Democrat Congress = mommy, where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

    The safest thing to hopefully happen come November is the Republicans taking back at least one of the two Congressional houses. Not that I want them to have total control any more than I want the Democrats to have total control, just that it means neither side will have total control.

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