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Inside Australia's Data Retention Proposal 154

bennyboy64 writes "New details have emerged on Australia's attempt at getting a data retention regime into place, with meeting notes taken by industry sources showing exactly what has been proposed. In a nutshell, the Australian government wants Internet service providers to keep anything and everything they have the ability to log and retain for two years 'at this stage.'"
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Inside Australia's Data Retention Proposal

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday June 16, 2010 @05:25PM (#32596260)

    All that they would find would be that whoever is at is doing a hell of a lot of browsing.

  • by mangu (126918) on Wednesday June 16, 2010 @06:48PM (#32596986)

    I don't know too many Australians, so this is anecdotal, but they don't seem to be very active politically. As the old Kiwi joke goes, it takes 21 Australians to change a lightbulb, one to hold the bulb and twenty to drink beer until the room starts spinning.

  • Re:Sup? (Score:3, Funny)

    by ignavus (213578) on Wednesday June 16, 2010 @07:14PM (#32597206)

    Today Australia, tomorrow the world!


    What is also usually missing from at least the summaries of these articles is that most of these things are based on already implemented existing laws in either Europe, the UK, Canada or the USA

    May I borrow your time machine?

    What he meant to say was: "Today Australia, yesterday the world!"

There's no future in time travel.