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Swedish Court Rules ISP Must Reveal OpenBitTorrent Operator's Identity 230

Posted by timothy
from the fess-up-now dept.
2phar writes "An ISP must hand over the identity of the operator behind OpenBitTorrent, a court in Sweden ruled [Wednesday]. The ISP must now reveal the identity of its customer, operator of probably the world's largest torrent tracker, to Hollywood movie companies or face a hefty fine. 'OpenBitTorrent is used for file sharing, and we suspect that it is the Pirate Bay tracker with a new name. It is added by default on all of the torrent tracker files on Pirate Bay,' Hollywood lawyer Monique Wadsted said in an earlier comment. The ruling covers the customer behind the IP addresses and and/or any other IP addresses in Portlane's entire range ( – which have been allocated to since August 28, 2009."
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Swedish Court Rules ISP Must Reveal OpenBitTorrent Operator's Identity

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  • by X0563511 (793323) on Saturday May 22, 2010 @06:33AM (#32304188) Homepage Journal

    Actually it's closer to this:

    Bob hands Charlie a note written in Spanish, and asks him to hand it to Sue.. Charlie can't read Spanish, but before accepting notes Charlie did ask that they not use him to talk about blowing up the White House. Charlie hands the note to Sue, and hands the return message back to Bob.

    Keep in mind, this whole time, Charlie can't read Spanish. Turns out, the notes were bomb-plot arranging.

    So, is Charlie really at fault or otherwise responsible for the contents of said note? I think that, upon demonstration of Charlies request, and demonstration of Charlies lack of Spanish literacy, he would be found innocent.

    So. Change "note" to "bittorrent tracker data," and "bomb plot" to "copyrighted material." Oh shit! Charlies in big trouble now!!

  • by aliquis (678370) <> on Saturday May 22, 2010 @09:34AM (#32305024) Homepage

    There's your problem, right there.

    ... on the other hand our sentences isn't decided on who's got the most money.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 22, 2010 @10:53AM (#32305546)

    ust as it not illegal to own fertilizer. And it's not illegal to own a detonator. But if you put the two together under the same owner, then you have a potential criminal and he needs to be examined.

    Yeah. Like gasoline and matches. Anyone who has both gasoline AND matches is a turrrist!!!11!!

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