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Government Your Rights Online

Tim Berners-Lee Unveils UK Government Data Project 25

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the hey-lets-do-that-too dept.
Sri.Theo writes "For a long time, the UK hasn't had the default access to government information that the US has, but a campaign by Tim Berners-Lee finally yielded results with access to masses of local information. The hope is that this will make access to government services easier and more useful for everyone. Crucially, it's not just for developers; everyone can submit and comment on ideas for use of the data."
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Tim Berners-Lee Unveils UK Government Data Project

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  • by mattpalmer1086 (707360) on Thursday January 21, 2010 @07:07PM (#30853554)

    Errr... I freely admit I haven't exhaustively looked through the data currently available, but the whole point of is to publish data in semantic web formats. If the current stuff isn't quite there yet - it will be, and in totally standardised, mash-up-able, formats. I wasn't aware there was any MS format stuff on there at all.

    Disclaimer: I know the people involved in this project, and they constantly talk about using XML, RDF, GRDDL, OWL, and so on...

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