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Pick A License, Any (Open Source) License 9

Posted by timothy
from the even-jesux dept.
Till Jaeger writes "ifrOSS has published its new license center in English. This is probably the most extensive license list of Free software/Open Source and Open Content licenses on the web. They are labelled in accordance with the respective legal characteristics as licenses without copyleft effect, licenses with strong copyleft effect, licenses with limited copyleft effect, licenses with restricted options and licenses with privileges. ifrOSS (Institute for legal questions of Free and Open Source Software) is a private research institute working in all questions related to Free Software and Copyright law."
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Pick A License, Any (Open Source) License

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  • With all the little small OSS licenses, this list must be huge... So many licesenses have been made I think no project will need to roll there own. Now they don't even have to research beyond one site.
    • Not to mention all the variants of the BSD license. For example uuencode's license is not the same as either the so-called "classic BSD license" *or* the "revised BSD license", although the terms are the same as the "classic"...then three variants (Nethack, GPL1, GPL2) of the GNU license...and all the BSD/MIT spinoffs...

      I use only one of two licenses for my programs: BSD Revised or GPL. Makes it easier *g*

  • An automatic license generation website. You just
    fill in what you want, check some boxes, come up
    with a snappy name, and get your new license mailed
    to you. Kinda like those lame make your own computer
    virus programs, but lamer. I'd make myself a boobies
    license that required boobie pics before you could
    look at source. Kinda like an NDT&AA.
  • I've always wondered...are liscenses copyrightable or anything like that? Seems that almost all books nowadays, for example, have the same copyright notice on the first leftfacing page. Who wrote it, and are they getting paid? I've even heard about some shareware programs that basically have the entire Microsoft Windows or Office liscense agreement in the disclaimer screens of their intallers. I just find the concept of people illegally copying liscenses hilarious.

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