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BC Scraps Mandatory Video Game Ratings 193

Posted by chrisd
from the as-tipper-steams-in-anger dept.
antarctican writes: "In their first intelligent move, the new government of British Columbia has scrapped the mandatory video game rating system which was brought into effect last year. At last some sanity in this attempt to rid youth of these e-v-i-l influences.... *smirk* We can only hope others in positions of authority come to their senses too." But we must protect the children!
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BC Scraps Mandatory Video Game Ratings

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  • by GISboy (533907) on Saturday November 17, 2001 @01:33AM (#2577741) Homepage
    Video games DO contain some really messed up concepts.

    Yeah, I was thinking hey why don't we do this:
    Make a Quake 3.1 and have the following:
    No health, but "karma" points.
    You are not longer shooting, but moderating your opponents.
    machine/shot gun are mod points.
    rocket launcher is a retort launcher.
    grenade launcher is flamebait poster.
    rail gun is pointed argument poster.
    BFG is metamoderation.
    Lava is now "red tape"

    Quad damage is now Multiple owies.
    Regeneration is 'Nap time'
    Invisibility is "speak when spoken to"

    And, all opponents never die they just get put into time out until they can play nice with the other players.

    I dunno, too much /., too much Q3...

    oh, well, Regen^H^H^H^H Nap time.
  • by FrankDrebin (238464) on Saturday November 17, 2001 @01:39AM (#2577746) Homepage
    Like the other day I was frustrated in heavy traffic and actually thought about locating a railgun or BFG...
  • by Tsar (536185) on Saturday November 17, 2001 @01:56AM (#2577773) Homepage Journal
    Remember the strip where Calvin's dad explained to him how they calculate the weight limit on bridges? He said they drove heavier and heavier trucks across it until it collapsed, then they rebuilt it exactly the same way and set the limit at the weight of the last truck that made it across.

    Why don't we establish a video game's rating the same way? Let a control group of six year olds, seven year olds, eight year olds, etc., play the game for a month. Then set the minimum age for playing the game to one year older than the oldest child driven by the game to commit a violent and/or sexual offense.

    Or would that be wrong?

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