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Carnivore Goes Wireless 169

Posted by michael
from the look-ma-no-wires dept.
GMontag writes: "The Washington Post Tech Section is running this story FBI's 'Carnivore' Might Target Wireless Text. Apparently, since the industry can't provide big brothering to the satisfaction of the FBI the FBI will will do it *for* them. This is a collector's item too, with no mention in article of DCS1000 being used to "save" children!"
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Carnivore Goes Wireless

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  • by disc-chord (232893) on Friday August 24, 2001 @12:37PM (#2213827)
    While it is true that this is just another hysterical /. story in which the poster saw a headline and just put it up without reading the article...

    I think Carnivore is alot larger than a "miniscule possibility of abuse" ... it represents an "actuall violation of privacy". I would not ban law enforcement because of this, I just want law enforcement to play fair. How would you like to play Cops & Robbers where the cops get to have unfair advantages like not having to play by the rules they are supposed to be enforcing? That's no fun, that's cheating! Criminals are people too, stop taking away all their fun.

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