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When it comes to Slashdot, I normally:

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Read nothing
  345 votes / 1%
Read at least the title
  3239 votes / 18%
Read the title and summary
  7971 votes / 45%
Read the title, summary, and article
  1613 votes / 9%
Reading the article? Are you new here?
  2156 votes / 12%
Refresh article multiple times to aid in Slashdot effect
  451 votes / 2%
I'm just here for the polls
  1629 votes / 9%
17404 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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When it comes to Slashdot, I normally:

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday July 27, 2013 @09:48AM (#44398947)

    Since the transfer of ownership (and perhaps a bit before then, even), there hasn't been any "stuff that matters" in sight....

  • by DaveAtFraud (460127) on Saturday July 27, 2013 @10:55AM (#44399391) Homepage Journal

    1) Read the titles since they're like headlines.
    2) If the title is interesting, read the summary.
    3) If the sumary is interesting, read the comments.
    4) If the summary is REALLY interesting read the article, then read the comments.
    5) If the summary is REALLY, REALLY interesting and the article is /.ed, see if someone has posted a link to an alternative source for the article.

    Of course, none of that matters if the posting concerns something I want to comment on. Nothing says you have to read the summary or the article if you want to comment. RTFA? Nah. Same if I have mod points.


  • by DaveAtFraud (460127) on Saturday July 27, 2013 @01:45PM (#44400729) Homepage Journal

    Lots of comments is kind of tricky. If my skim of the title and summary gets a , "Yeah, everybody and his uncle will be posting the same old thing," then I skip it. If something that should be obscure is generating a lot of comments (probably not goatse thogh), I'll look in to see what the fuss is about.

    The articles that bring out philosophical contradictions are the most fun. I love it when posters can't put together a cogent argument for their position because what they want is contradictory but that doesn't stop them from posting and vehemently arguing their contradictory point.


The time spent on any item of the agenda [of a finance committee] will be in inverse proportion to the sum involved. -- C.N. Parkinson


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