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I paid attention to news of the Marathon bomb ...

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Not at all
  1934 votes / 9%
  6938 votes / 32%
More than slightly, but not obsessively
  9136 votes / 42%
  2484 votes / 11%
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I paid attention to news of the Marathon bomb ...

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  • I ran the marathon (Score:5, Interesting)

    by word munger (550251) < minus math_god> on Saturday April 20, 2013 @03:39PM (#43505413) Homepage Journal
    I ran the marathon and my son, watching the race from a rooftop on Boylston, saw the bombs go off. I didn't obsessively follow the news about the bombings, but you can bet that I was interested. Glad to see they caught the bad guys, and that life in Boston can return to a semi-normal state.
  • Kept tabs (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Bieeanda (961632) on Saturday April 20, 2013 @06:00PM (#43506253)
    ...but only so I could find out when they actually had any decent leads, or found the perpetrators. Between rumours on the Internet and rumours being thrown up by the traditional media, there wasn't any point in seriously following things until then.
  • Re:Old News (Score:3, Interesting)

    by ABEND (15913) on Saturday April 20, 2013 @06:28PM (#43506371)

    The Boston Marathon [] is an international event.

    Also, the funding of the Provisional IRA by Boston is being over-reported. Boston Irish tend to be from the west and south of Ireland and do not have much association with the north.

    More likely it was Irish living in London that were ferrying cash back to the Provisional IRA.

  • Re:Insignificant (Score:5, Interesting)

    by mhotchin (791085) <slashdot&hotchin,net> on Saturday April 20, 2013 @08:18PM (#43506755)

    Pretty much *by definition*, something that happens everyday is not news, no matter how many dead people are involved.

    On the other hand, the events in Boston were, at the very least, unusual. That's what news *is*.

  • by femtobyte (710429) on Saturday April 20, 2013 @09:18PM (#43507017)

    Thank you for your selfless service in keeping America safe by not watching the news.

    In this particular case, it's not yet clear whether "terrorist" is technically the right categorization. Sick murderous fucks, certainly. However, we don't know whether the perpetrators were intending to use this as leverage for political ends (simply having political/religious motivations/grievances does not make "terrorism"). Were the perpetrators intending to release threats calling for some political action lest such events be repeated (terrorism)? Or just planning to slink away unidentified, personally satisfied at having caused mayhem (not terrorism)? They were likely not linked to any larger, more organized terrorist network --- otherwise, they probably would have had access to more powerful high explosives than gunpowder, and a more orderly escape plan (or deadly final suicide).

  • by vswee (2040690) on Saturday April 20, 2013 @10:26PM (#43507269) Journal
    I mean no offence to Americans, but this whole situation was classic USA-media-behaviour. The rest of the world is taking American affairs less and less seriously with every new news blast
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday April 21, 2013 @12:50AM (#43507747)
    FBI shows up at my door on Tuesday evening. I wasn't home buy my roommate saw that they were casing the neighbourhood. As he left the house to go to the grocery store they flagged him down and asked me questions about me. The FBI social engineered a ton of information about me. They called me to set up a meeting the next day at my house. I was unaware it was the FBI, and since my roommate was leaving at the end of the month, I assumed it was the landlords of the new prospective place where he might be living. They called me the next day and I said I wasn't at home. I told them I was at a Starbucks downtown. 30 mins later, they showed up, tapped me on the shoulder and said "Hi, Mr. XXX" It was quite a surreal situation, and they claimed they were interested in why I was renewing my foreign passport (I am a dual national). I said to them, "what's wrong with that?" Anyway, since they social engineered a ton of information the previous day, they knew I was a heavy traveler and had been to Boston many times in February and March, and a runner, and they wanted to know more about that. I believe it was pure racial profiling.
  • by rve (4436) on Sunday April 21, 2013 @02:23AM (#43508043)

    Yes, it got so bad that the FBI saw the need to release the photographs they were interested in, stating people should only focus on these and not others, because the amateur sleuths were creating unnecessary extra work for them.

    Half a dozen innocent guys were at some point accused or harassed, not by the authorities but by 'the internet' and trashy publications and similarly 24h cable news networks.

  • Re:Here's the good. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday April 21, 2013 @03:11AM (#43508163)

    I've fairly frequently spotted seemingly abandoned bags and suitcases at American railway stations and airports - I've kept an eye on them for a minute or so to see if their owners turn up, and on one occasion I've quietly informed a security officer of what I've seen. (A large suitcase left near the top of an escalator at an airport. Seriously, who does that?)

    Paranoid? Kind of. But I did grow up somewhere [] in which leaving bags around in public places would be considered utterly stupid. Unless you want your schoolbag to be destroyed in a controlled explosion, which happened to someone I went to school with...

  • Re:Old News (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday April 21, 2013 @07:34AM (#43508689)

    So any implication that Boston deserves payback for crap the IRA did is way off.

    I don't think they were suggesting it was legitimate payback, I think they were suggesting it's something to reflect on and maybe reconsider a few attitudes. To copy a quote from somewhere else (no idea who said it first):

    As I am watching the horrific syndicated pictures of the Boston bombings, I think to myself about all those Americans with Irish family ties and background, who gladly poured dollars into the collection boxes in Irish pubs and clubs in Boston and elsewhere, to support the IRA and other Irish terrorist groups. They can now see first hand on their own streets, the carnage and death caused to innocent people that occurs when bombs are indiscriminately detonated in busy urban areas. Perhaps they might, just might, for a moment reflect on the fact that their joyfully made contributions to help "the boyos" back home, were used to buy Semtex to make bombs that devastated British cities for years, and were used to kill and maim innocent British men, women and children. I sincerely hope this does occur to them, but somehow I don't think it will

    Things hit home most when they literally hit home, and it'd be two faced for the above people to not at least reflect on this.

  • by jonbryce (703250) on Sunday April 21, 2013 @07:38AM (#43508713) Homepage

    Terrorists normally say that they did it, and what they would like the government to do so that they won't do it again in the future. These people didn't do that, so I think they are mass murderers rather than terrorists.

  • by Orp (6583) on Sunday April 21, 2013 @12:11PM (#43509873) Homepage

    Somebody in Boston U-Streamed their scanner - there must have been 250,000 people listening when they had the guy cornered in the boat. I was one of them and for an hour or so was listening while on I was pretty obsessed for that hour and heard when one of the cops announced they had him in custody. Then I ate dinner and watched the tube with my wife.

  • by neither_geek_nor_ner (1002460) on Sunday April 21, 2013 @01:32PM (#43510471)
    They do qualify as terrorists if they watch jehadi videos and generally hate America inspite of living there. Some of the tough neighbourhood gangs also do a pretty good job of terrorizong the people living in their area. But its only due to money, drugs, prostitution, etc which qualify as legitimate capitalist enterprise.
  • by sootman (158191) on Sunday April 21, 2013 @03:27PM (#43511141) Homepage Journal

    Sense of proportion is also key for what comes after. What will be the results of the event in Boston, versus the accident in Texas two days later that killed and injured more people? []

    The fertilizer plant that exploded on Wednesday, obliterating part of a small Texas town and killing at least 14 people, had last year been storing 1,350 times the amount of ammonium nitrate that would normally trigger safety oversight by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)... Fertilizer plants and depots must report to the DHS when they hold 400 lb or more of the substance. Filings this year with the Texas Department of State Health Services, which weren't shared with DHS, show the plant had 270 tons of it on hand last year.

  • by rmdingler (1955220) on Sunday April 21, 2013 @04:39PM (#43511543)
    Even though they came up a bit short in sheer kill numbers, I think we're going to be able to bump these guys up: .5 bonus kills credit for double amputations and .25 bonus kills credit for single amputations.
  • by amiga3D (567632) on Sunday April 21, 2013 @11:16PM (#43512969)

    If I get attacked by someone I'm really not interested in their reasons. Once attacked all discussion is over, I don't give a rats ass why you tried to blow me up, I just want you dead.

  • by Psyborgue (699890) on Monday April 22, 2013 @07:29AM (#43514269) Homepage Journal
    You have a point. In Israel there is a law that after a terrorist act such as a bus bombing the place has to be cleared out, cleaned up, and back to normal within so many hours. They realize shutting down an entire city, for example, would be giving the terrorists exactly what they wanted. On the other hand, shutting down Boston probably did help catch the two bombers and likely did help prevent a second bombing by depriving them of targets.
  • Spoken like a lawyer (Score:3, Interesting)

    by beer_maker (263112) on Monday April 22, 2013 @12:29PM (#43516397)
    I agree that in a court of law that everyone is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty but IRL the person shot and killed evading the cops is looking pretty guilty already, and I expect the trial of his brother is going to produce more evidence than we have seen already. I am willing to wait and see how that shakes out, are you willing to admit the possibility that the dreaded authorities might have caught the right guys?
  • by Archangel Michael (180766) on Monday April 22, 2013 @03:26PM (#43518119) Journal

    Actually, the scariest thing for me about the MSM was the "hope", for lack of better term, that the bombers were White American, right wingers. Any hint that these were tied to "Teabaggers" would have sent these people off the edge. Even now, they are trying so hard to downplay the fact that these were Muslims it is not even funny. Just today, I heard a doctor trying to blame boxing. REALLY??!!??

    The media is in the tank, and is no longer objective in any meaningful sort of way.

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